Machining Key Components is an Important Process for Further Improving Accuracy and Strength

Other major contributors to the "higher output density in more compact bodies" for which Kubota is so highly regarded include mutual adjustment of specially optimized components and high tolerance control via precise machining accuracy.

Kubota machines crankshafts, crankcases, cylinder heads, etc. for Kubota engines in-house.

We have determined machining methods based on all conditions, including the selection of machining methods and tools, required surface roughness, accuracy, and expansion rate, etc., and have established stable quality control techniques by making full use of our manufacturing know-how for suppressing variations.

This high accuracy and precise design create many performance improvements and benefits of Kubota Engine such as "low noise," "low vibration," "improved fuel efficiency," "reduction of blue and white smoke," and "durability," which have led to our being highly regarded for "higher output density in more compact bodies."