The Magma of Creation Produces Supreme Performance Imbued with Wisdom

The crankcase is the most important part of an engine's framework. It includes most of the engine's 1,000 parts.

It has many crevices, and requires irregular, ultra-complex, high-precision shapes, toughness, rigidity, and high dimensional accuracy.

Kubota manufactures high-quality crankcases by making full use of casting production technology which has been cultivated over the 100 years since the company's establishment in 1890.

Casting is a molding method that melts metals at high temperatures and then pours them into molds in a hot liquefied state to create desired shapes and thus enable the production of even complex shapes.

The production of Kubota engines, rated as compact with high power output, is only possible because they are imbued with the wisdom of our 100 years of casting technology.