Emissions Compliance

Certified Equipment to Ensure World-Leading Emissions Performance at All Times

The world's first industrial engine exhaust emission regulations were the "CARB ULG Exhaust Gas Regulations" for general-purpose engines of less than 25 horsepower, which the state of California in the US put into effect in January 1995. Kubota was the first engine manufacturer to be certified under these regulations in 1993, even before they were implemented.

Since then, Kubota has been producing engines that have been certified for exhaust gas regulations not only in Japan but also in the United States, Europe, China, and other parts of the world.

We also have engine models that have been certified before the start of China Phase IV emission standards for non-road CI diesel engines, which are set to start on December 1, 2022.

Kubota has facilities that are equipped to carry out certification tests of emission regulations for Japan, the United States, Europe, and other countries around the world.

We are conducting these tests in the presence of national testing institutions, or third-party examiners, in Japan, Europe, Korea, and India. These facilities have also been certified by the authorities as facilities for conducting self-certification tests under US EPA and CARB regulations.

As a result, Kubota has earned our customers' confidence that our engines will enable them to comply with emission regulations.